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Customer Acquisition 

Made Simple And Profitable

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Step 1: You Create a Cash Back Offer for Your Customers

Restaurants, retail stores, local services, etc. create offers like 10% cash back.

Step 4: Consumer Shops at Your Location

The consumer simply pays you 

with their linked card. 

You collect a 100% of the transaction!

We notify your consumer of their reward within seconds.

The cash back is deposited monthly 

in the consumer's bank account

VISA conducted a 2-year case study to track the spend of businesses using the Empyr's CLO Program. What they found was:

• An increase in ticket size of 44.9% among CLO Program users vs non-CLO program
users > Users show stronger Loyalty and buy more!
• In addition, they found that generally you will see a 10% decrease in spend at non-CLO Program restaurants. This decrease is due to things like venue fatigue or people moving > Non user's show lower Loyalty.
• However, CLO Program users showed an increase in spend of 20%. Not only did they go out to eat more often at CLO restaurants, but they actually spend MORE during their

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